Despite the difficulties and uncertainties of the historical moment we are experiencing, the eTOMATO project does not stop and all the partners keep working together. 

The partners are completing the training materials for the e-learning course, both the introduction course and the single e-learning course on the different MA fields addressed by the project: Rural tourism, Social and didactical farming, Short food supply chain. 

During the last virtual project meeting, University of Foggia presented Kahoot! a free game-based learning platform that makes learning enjoyable and suggested using it as an additional tool for making the lessons more interactive and allowing students to self-evaluate.  

In addition, the partners decided to have all the training material reviewed by a native English speaker who will be able to correct any linguistic errors in the drafts. This will further raise the level of materials. The partners agreed to organize themselves internally: each university will find a proof-reader to review the training materials within its university teachers.

Among the latest news, Tinada has completed to design and develop the Moodle platform, which will be hosted on the eTOMATO project website. Tinada staff showed partners how the platform would look like from the perspective of the students, who will be its main visitors. The partners found the platform a very intuitive tool and they are sure that also the learners will find it user-friendly. 

At the moment, therefore, the partners are proceeding smoothly in the phases of the project, demonstrating great ability to adapt and understand situations that are not always easy to manage.