You definitely have heard about transparency and how it is considered to be a key priority on the European agenda to enhance farmers’ position in the food supply chain. Market transparency is identified as a tool to foster effective conditions of competition along the food supply chain by reducing current information asymmetries. Farmers have rather limited price/supply/demand information, whereas their prices are transparent. This information gap undermines farmers’ trust in food supply chains and hampers their decision making. 

In the light of this, UGENT, together with other European partners, decided to explore how transparent short food supply chains are; which information gaps exist in these short food supply chains and to what extent farmers perceive the short food supply chain initiative they collaborate with to be transparent. In order to find answers on these questions, an online survey was developed, targeting farmers supplying products to short food supply chain initiatives.

UGENT starts this exploration by contacting farmers, who supply to short food supply chain initiatives, that were identified as good practices within the frame of SKIN project (Grant Agreement No. 728055). SKIN project is a European project, focusing on reconnecting producers with citizens and supporting the development of the short food supply chain economy.

Are you a farmer, who supply to short food supply chain initiatives? If yes, then you are eligible to complete the survey. Should you be interested in completing the survey, you can find the link leading to the questionnaire at the end of this section

The final results will give an overview of how transparent short food supply chain initiatives are perceived in general, will contribute to the understanding of the relationship between information asymmetries and supply chain length, and shed a light on how short food supply chains can promote fair competition, what might lead to a stronger position for farmers in supply chains.