The SKIN project (Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network) ( is an ambitious initiative in the domain of Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC), which aims to systematize the existing knowledge, fostering demand-driven innovation, building long-term collaboration among European farmers and cooperatives, facilitate stakeholders engagement and promote innovation through demand-driven research in the short food supply chain domain. It deals with re-connecting the two extremities of the food supply chain, reconciling producers with citizens, stimulating mutual trust and establishing a short chain based on common values on food, its origin and production method. 

The SKIN consortium identified more than 150 good practices related to short food supply chains. Here are two shining examples: 

1) Have you always wanted to know more about creating the distribution chain and network to bring people from the city into contact with rural local products and producers? Foodhub can inspire you:

4) Looking for a solution to combine the production of local products with tourism? Be inspired by Heritzer

More information on these good practices can also be found on our Good practice repository (, together with many other inspirational good practices. This repository enables to navigate through more than 150 good practices on short food supply chain around Europe. Should you be more interested in watching videos and listening to stories? Here is the link: