Masseria Redenta, typical farm of Alta Murgia, is situated in a fortunate position a few hundred meters from the Parco dell’Alta Murgia.
Masseria Redenta is an educational farm recognized by regional law n. 02/2008 and it is run by the Stasolla family since the early years of the 20th century; its business encompass farming, apiculture and production of honey, royal jelly and pollen to the breeding of earthworms for the production of humus.
It is specialized in agro-tourism and educational tourism with the aim of reviving its guests feelings of peasant life. It also places itself as a cultural reservoir suitable for hosting events such as artistic events, exhibitions, shows, conferences, ceremonies.
The regional project “Didcatical Masserie”, in which also Masseria Redenta is involved, is based on the MA concept: along with the productive functions goes the educational function. The objective is to present to children and students farming sector, so to sensitize them towards the themes of respect for the environment, mindful consumption and proper and balanced nutrition.