The University of Granada (Spain) was established in 1531, and is composed of more than 50 Departments, 60,000 students, 3,500 professors. The University scores high in the international rankings: 247 (Shangai ranking), one of the first ones in Spain. It is very active on the international scene: Erasmus story, ECTS label, Erasmus Mundus, etc.
The Department of Human Geography offers Bachelor and Master Degrees, the second one shared with the universities of Rovira and Virgili (Tarragona) and Málaga, having mainly online teaching. Also offers a PhD programme shared with the same universities.
The group of researchers make up an expert team on the themes of the project:
– Impacts and contributions of the practice of neoendogenous rural development
– Social innovation and rural development
– Social and territorial contributions of agriculture
– And rural tourism, among others.
Finally, most of the members of the team participate in the research center Institute of Regional Development.