Quality ingredients for the HoReCa industry

Supp.li is a marketplace that connects small and medium producers with restaurants(https://www.supp.li/en/) and brings innovation to food supply chains. Small and medium producers of quality ingredients can upload their fresh and processed food products to the marketplace, which can then be ordered by restaurants and chefs. Supp.li controls the quality of the uploaded food produts and also takes care of the entire logistics. Supp.li current supply in Central-Europe, but itslong term goal is to reform the producer – HoReCa chain in whole Europe. The founders of Supp.li worked previously at food products export-import industry, where they realized that there is a gap at both producers’ and chefs’ side. By today, there are 5*-os hotels, Michelin star chefs and top restaurants among their buyers, but their aim is to bring sustainable, high quality ingredients not only to top restaurants but to wider area of the HoReCa industry.

Supp.li believes that using quality ingredients is essential for making delicious food. They would like to promote this thinking in the HoReCa industry. Their goal is to ease the conscious ingredient sourcing for restaurants facilitate quality products of small and medium producers to be available on more markets. They work every day to build a transparent supply system that, in contrast to the traditional supply chain, pays special attention to responsible and sustainable food from a reliable source, ethically manages producers, and significantly shortens the purchasing process.

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