Palma de Mallorca (Spain) – 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July, 2019

Adrienn Molnár from UGENT attended EDULEARN19. This conference welcomed more than 800 participants from more than 80 different countries and created an international atmosphere where inspirational ideas and perspectives on education were widely shared and discussed. Given that eTOMATO aimed at creating an educational offer for easing the uptake of new business practices respecting the Multifuntional Agriculture (MA) framework, EDULEARN19 and eTOMATO share their passion and commitment to education. Adrienn Molnár from UGENT shared her knowledge on teaching and education methodologies and educational innovations that are to be developed and employed in eTOMATO. Keynote speakers of the conference were William Rankin – USA, and Richard Gerver – UK.

William Rankin is a learning designer and educator with broad experience in educational technologies. In his presentation entitled „Unfolding Deeper Learning: Designing Education for Tomorrow (and Today)” he proposed a multidimensional approach for engaging learners. By designing a learning environment that knits together content, community, and context — the three dimensions of learning — he suggested that we can encourage deeper learning that is tightly connected to local cultures and strongly supported by social bonds. His interactive presentation gave us key tools and insights for using in the eTOMATO  learning environments.

Richard Gerver is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author and world-renowned thinker. Richard began his career in education, most notably as headmaster of the failing Grange Primary School. In just two years, famously transformed into one of the most acclaimed learning environments in the world. He was celebrated by UNESCO and the UK Government for its incredible turnaround. Richard has since transitioned to the global stage where he uses his trademark humour and natural style to deliver passionate, provocative and authentic speeches. He draws upon the first-hand experiences and unique insights garnered from frontline education to explore the links between great leadership, human potential, change and innovation. His speech entitled „Education: A Manifesto for Change” dealt with education, the most important factor determining the future of our young people, our economy, our society and ultimately our planet.  He used his experience-driven insights to clarify the vision, thinking and processes we must adopt – also in eTOMATO – if we are to develop a system that prepares our young people for the future.