The next eTOMATO project meeting will be in Granada, and those days will be used to execute further dissemination events.

During the days Wednesday 2nd October and Thursday 3rd October, all the partners of the eTOMATO project will meet at the University of Granada in Spain.

During that event, the following work packages will be focal to the work and discussion:

  • Work package 1: Multifunctional agriculture need analysis and identikit of MA practitioners;
  • Work package 2: Elaboration of innovative tools for assessing MA resources and designing successful MA businesses;
  • Work package 3: Course design and training materials preparation;

The last especially will receive special attention, as it is the moment for the project to address several important questions:

  • The way to enroll to the students in the courses, how to prepare the call for students;
  • The ways of recognition and accreditation of the courses for the students of the different universities;
  • The structure of the practices for the students in every farm;
  • Teaching tools, structure of the courses;
  • All the other academic issues as the adaptation of these to the ECTS European credit;

Using this meeting as excuse, PhD Gianluigi de Pascale, responsible and coordinator of the project, will be in the Department of Human Geography of Granada University. He will be sharing lessons about the practice and theory of multifunctional agriculture and provide informative content on eTOMATO project to the students of different disciplines such as: Geography, Tourism, Environmental Studies, etc. Lectures will be provided in different ways: webinars, meetings, lessons, sessions, interviews, and do forth. The other stakeholders from within and outside the the project will be invited to these events. Among them there list La Junquera Farm, Las Torcas Cooperative, ALVELAL Association, and professors from the University of Granada: Institute of Regional Development and the Human Geography Department, mainly.

Can’t wait to see the outcomes for these project meeting? Stay tuned for all the news and info!