The eTOMATO project will provide an educational course online for those interested in becoming smart agricultural practitioners of the future.

The courses will be divided into the main categories “Entrepreneurial Skills: Management, strategy and decision making”; “Social and pedagogical Agriculture”; “Rural Tourism”; “Short Food Supply Chain”.

That’s great news, right? Here we wanted to summarize some key aspects, nonetheless, to help you focus during your learning pathway, which we know, it can be though. If you have some more suggestions and feedback hit us a line, we will be happy to receive it!

  1. Create a routine: this should be planned according to the restrictions and indications of the course. But if you are an early bird whether a night owl, plan a schedule for maximizing those timeslots in your day.
  2. Set some goals: it can be though to study by yourself without any accountability to be provided to teachers, professors, or fellow students. We suggest prepare a timeline in which are clearly spread out the goals for your module, and little rewards for achieving those (a dessert you like; a little day out; etc.)
  3. Find support. True, e-learning doesn’t really provide the social aspect like classroom does. So, in order to cope with difficulties and demotivation, find somebody in the “real world” to help you get through the reviewing, practicing, or discussion of the topics you will learn.
  4. Get out. It is not always helpful to remain at home or in your room the whole time. Sometimes it is necessary to find a space that helps you plugging into your “study mode”: a place where you know you will stay productive and focused. You should look for a neat, quiet environment, avoiding distractions and encouraging studying and working.
  5. Be grateful! Never forget, you have been provided the opportunity of enriching your knowledge, increase your possibility of finding employment and to enhance your professional value. Moreover, when you feel discouraged, take a deep breath and embrace the smell of latte of the coffeeshop you are sitting in, or the confines of your PJ you kept during the online class. Such privileges are not easy to be replicated in academic and professional contexts!

Stay tuned for future achievements of the projects and its e-learning!

Nicola Faccilongo