The University of Foggia has participated to the International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics, Matera on 5-7 June 2019. It has been an occasion to talk about entrepreneurship, knowledge alliances and obviously, eTOMATO.

The efforts undertaken in order to support the development of a more competitive socio-economic environment are at stake in several sectors of our economy and society.

Entrepreneurial universities apply concepts of knowledge management in order to reach the “third mission”, which has 3 dimensions:

  • Technology transfer and innovation
  • Lifelong education
  • Social engagement

Studies conducted by the University of Foggia in collaboration with the University of Salento on scientific publications have identified 4 main areas by which entrepreneurial universities make use of their investigation in order to foster economics and business, namely: Knowledge creation in Entrepreneurship education;  Knowledge transfer in University-Industry collaboration; Entrepreneurial University to support Knowledge based Regional Development; KM processes for University’s spin-off.

These areas focus on either students, innovation, organizational practices, knowledge transfer, commercialization, and more in order to achieve the third mission. It has come clear that universities now must become more entrepreneurial in offerings, outlook and culture.

In this scenario, the eTOMATO project contributes to the increasing knowledge alliances between universities and surrounding environment. It helps providing the research for smart technologies and strategies of knowledge creation in entrepreneurship education. It offers a space of cross-countries analysis of Knowledge Management. Lastly, it support the creation of policies related to smart processes to foster Knowledge Management and university-industry cooperation.

We look forward to participating to more discussion on this, and to bring the results of the project eTOMATO to a fruitful end.