In the context of the multifunctional activities of  Masseria Redenta, honey tasting workshops are held, in order to give consumers all the information necessary for the correct consumption of the products, and correct information on food labeling.

Honey is not just a sweetener to be enjoyed in milk at breakfast or useful for sweetening teas and herbal teas, but a product with a thousand facets, with amazing aromatic and organoleptic variations. Its use in the kitchen can therefore certainly replace sugar, both because of the composition of the honey (simple sugars, glucose and fructose compared to sucrose), and for its high sweetening power of almost double that of sugar. A teaspoon of honey will therefore be equal to two sugar, with a considerable saving in terms of caloric intake. But we must not only think of this sweetening ability of honey. The use of honeys to better enjoy the cheeses becomes for those who discover the pleasure, an experience to be repeated with always new combinations. In addition, the use of honey in meat marinating (lamb and pork in particular, but also more refined meats such as duck meat), or fish (think of salmon), in the preparation of sauces and emulsions, the endless opportunities offered by the in the field of pastry, they make this product an essential ingredient in our kitchens. Taste workshops at Masseria Redenta have various objectives: – Product diversity – Value product – Linking to other topics – Introduction to honey knowledge – Introduction to sensory analysis techniques – Stimulating interest in deepening – Product knowledge – Suggesting uses – Honey is not just a healthy product – Promotion of honey as a “good” product and of interest also in the gastronomic field.